State-of-the-art boxing training system for health & positivity!

Active Meditation

We at PowerLife Boxing believe you can reach the State of Active Meditation through the Art of Boxing where you will improve your physical and mental health through the flow of boxing movements!

Why Holistic?

You will learn the basics fundamentals of boxing to reach the state of flow. Once you reach that level you will be in that moment and this is where you can experience holistic approach to boxing.

Non-competitive/no-contact way of teaching fundamentals of boxing!

Learn From Professional

All those punches looks complicated to you? Ex-K1 World Champion will teach you proper boxing technique on fast & simple way! You will learn how to benefit from boxing in your daily life!

box like a pro & Get in shape in a safe and injury-free way

  • Even in group class you will experience 1-on-1 approach
  • Improve your body composition and get in shape
  • Get rid of stress and improve your focus & productivity
  • The ideal blend of state-of-the-art boxing techniques and functional movement training
  • Working out in a super friendly and helpful environment

“We want you to think outside of the box. Or in other words, you’ll be able to box your way out of every hardship as you grow stronger physically, mentally and spiritually!”


  • Viktor Zaman, founder of PLX


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