Do you have fear of boxing?

Do you have fear of boxing?

You think it’s not for everyone or it’s too complicated?

You’re scared that you’ll get hurt or injured?

It’s ok to think that way. Most of our members came on their first class with same feelings and questions. 

After just few sessions all of their fears are gone and they know that boxing isn’t dangerous for them or something what you can’t learn.

At the same time, they find out that boxing has great benefits for them – and learning how to fight is notone of those benefits. That’s not what we teach!

Our classes are designed to teach you how to box on healthy, safe & sustainable way.

Becoming more focused, energised and relaxed through our Holistic Boxing classes are benefits which you will get just after few sessions.

For those of you who have fear or some of above assumptions we created PLX online school to help you get prepared for any boxing class and get rid of fear or any bad emotions related to boxing.

Check out our FREE PLX School which will help you to see our way of teaching boxing and even learn boxing fundamentals from your home.

In next few weeks we will post step-by-step videos to introduce you to our way of teaching boxing! 

First video which you will find there is about proper boxing stance and why it’s important. 

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