I thought that I knew how to do boxing…

PLX helped me to know the right techniques of boxing.

I thought that I knew how to do boxing, but when I joined PLX I figured that is something totally different. It has specific techniques – the way you move your leg, the way you move your hips, your arms – it’s just perfect.

Physically, I started seeing “new” muscles what I really, really like… Mentally I become very focused, very committed.

Coaches are a combination of being tough and warm, also very strict which is good and I think that every sport and every training, if you wanna do it right, you have to have right coaches and most of all, very skilled coaches.

I had a fear of lifting weights and the pull-ups, and now even if I come to boxing class, I wanna do boxing, then I wanna go to do pull-ups, I wanna lift heavier weights. But my coach always knows what I can do and what I can’t do and he guides. this is a really good thing about PLX coaches, they really guide us in the right direction, i.e. “you can lift heavier weights, but gradually, not now.”

I recommend PLX with NO reservations

Anyone who would like to join PLX I tell them “This is one of the best choices you will make in your life because if you’re looking for a healthy and perfect lifestyle with excellent training techniques than PLX is right for you!” The energy is very high, the coaches are amazing, the classes are really, really fun – the combination of tough classes, working really, really hard and at the same time they are very fun, very exciting, they motivate you a lot… I LOVE IT!

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