Introduction to Muay Thai

In the world of martial art, Muay Thai is one of the most potent moves used mainly for its incredible power and simplicity. Although there have been folks who use their skills to engage in street fights, it remains one of the activities one uses to relieve stress, tune to its true self and keep in shape. This martial art incorporates punches, knees, and elbows that helps harness the body’s strongest points.

Muay Thai is now one of the most popular and practiced martial arts in the world. If you’re in Dubai and you’re looking for a trainer, there are lots of them in Dubai ready to guide you on this journey.

Individual Programming Approach

Strength and conditioning programming isn’t an easy feat when it comes to Muay Thai. That is because this sport uses a diverse and complicated mix of athletic qualities and energy systems. If you lack in any of the core practices, you will be unable to attain your full athletic potential as a Muay Thai fighter.

As you progress in your training, you will be able to move from general movements to sports-specific movements. It would be best if you didn’t skip any stage, as that would mean missing out on what Muay Thai stands for. You will be able to move and demonstrate in your own unique individuals’ manner.

Every training is to help you build power, strength, aerobic fitness, muscular insurance, and anaerobic fitness.

Fundamentals Of Boxing

If you’re pretty new to this great sport, then you might want to find your footing in all these. One way to do that is to learn the very basics. Sometimes, you need to save yourself from information overload. Knowing too much can serve as a source of distraction in your training. 

The temptation to pull off a move you saw on screen, or perhaps a fight you saw on the street can be overwhelming. If Muay Thai is a sport that you can quickly learn online, then there will be no need for some gym centers today. However, you need to develop every skill through hours of muscle repetition. Here are some boxing fundamentals that you should know.

Basic Boxing Stance

With this move, beginners will easily be able to attack and defend easily without hurdles. In other words, they would be no form of barrier.

Basic Boxing Footwork

In boxing, beginners often make the mistake of jumping off the ground. In boxing, you need to keep your feet down so you can easily defend or attack. By jumping around, you’re wasting lots of energy, and it is not advisable.

The Pivot

Another fundamental you need to master in boxing is the pivot. Beginners do this by pivoting off the front foot. This technique is excellent for defense or counterattack.

If you’re very good at the basics, you will be able to ground yourself in this terrific sport. You won’t need to know some complicated or flashy moves to beat your opponent. When you master the basics, beating everyone in the ring becomes possible. The key is to be very good at a few things, not know all without having a base.

Benefits Of Muay Thai

1. Simple and Easy to learn

What makes Muay Thai perfect is the simplicity of the moves. You don’t need to be an ancient monk to master the art. That is why Muay Thai is for everyone, irrespective of age. In Thailand, it is common to see someone between the age of five and six years old to indulge in this activity.

2. The Best Technique For Defense

If you often find yourself in the street, then this martial art would ensure you protect yourself. It is one of the martial arts tested and street-certified for a real-life encounter. With this technique, one can leverage on the opponent’s momentum and submission. If you have to watch martial art tycoons like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. By practicing and mastering this art, you will be able to grow the needed confidence to face real-life defense situations.

3. Burns 1,000 Calories An Hour

If you often consume lots of calories, then you need to engage in an activity that helps burn them off. In that case, Muay Thai is one of the best exercises to participate in. It is a total body workout that gives you the fitness for a more beautiful physique. For folks looking for ways to lose weight and build more strength and flexibility, this is the perfect workout.

4. Unites Your Body, Spirit And Mind

Ancient monks use this technique to keep their body, soul, and mind in harmony. In this modern world, it has become an antidote to stress and anxiety. After the day’s job, Muay Thai is the proper workout that releases the tension and also, stress accumulated throughout the day.

5. Unleashes Your Potential

Many are of the notion that Muay Thai is a sport of violence. That is one of the most significant misinterpretations that are prevalent in the martial art world. Muay Thai has the power to humble you, discipline and most of all, inspire you to achieve anything. Furthermore, it installs beautiful qualities, including courage and leadership qualities.

Muay Thai is one of the most popular martial arts in the world. If you’re looking for an activity that would build every sphere of your life, then Muay Thai is the ideal route to take. It is a journey that would unleash your full potential. Bear in mind also that it is not right to abuse this sport by engaging in street fights, as that would be very unethical. You can also get into trouble with the law for assault and battery. Join us at PLX for Muay Thai training with experienced instructors in a conducive and friendly environment. Click here to book a group Muay Thai class with us today.

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