Viktor Zaman: How to be successful in everything you do – here is the secret!

After 5 years without a professional fight, Viktor Zaman became the 2019 UAE Muay Thai Champion, showing that it’s possible to be a successful businessman while still chasing his own personal dreams and living them every day.

A Muay Thai Champion and young entrepreneur – Viktor Zaman is one of few professional athletes that are able to combine these two pursuits into a dream life forged by facing fear and focusing on happiness and success by choosing to use failure as a springboard to reach his goals.

With 85 professional and amateur fights throughout his career, it is clear that he gazes at all obstacles through the eye of the tiger, accepts them, faces them, and though time, overcomes them.

How it all started…

After earning a degree in mechanical engineering, Viktor felt called to entrepreneurship and began a coffee bar after winning a Muay Thai championship in 2008 and a K1 championship in 2011. While he was running the coffee bar, he simultaneously continued to follow his passion and train people in boxing.

In continuing to teach boxing, he realized that he could teach boxing anywhere in the world and decided to travel to Los Angeles for a month and a half, but instead he extended his stay to the full six months that his tourist visa allowed.

Viktor’s career and training philosophy were built on facing and overcoming fears, and he always tried to help his clients do the same. He says, “my personal active meditation is through the art of boxing, which has given me the best of the holistic world!”

It wasn’t always easy…

The fight against fear and failure becomes a fight to win and challenge to overcome. It wasn’t always easy for Viktor to win, but he’s always seen failure as a time to grow instead of a time to give up. 

Even when his first business, a coffee bar, fell into bankruptcy, he saw this as a time to take the chance of moving to Dubai and start again – this time following his passion and dream of teaching boxing in a new and exciting way. 

Where some may give up because of fear, Viktor’s view is that “it is not always easy, but once you become aware of fear inside you, it becomes a ‘fighting match’.” 

Building foundations in Dubai

In Dubai he enjoyed a lifestyle similar to that in L.A. High-end clients, sunny weather, and big dreams propelled him to spend two years training others and spreading his unique way of teaching boxing. When he realized that people really liked this system, he decided to create a proven blueprint to teach a unique way of boxing – “Holistic Boxing.”

Despite all of his fights, Viktor says, “one of my biggest life obstacles was moving to Dubai and starting all over from the beginning without any specific help except faith in myself and believe in the work that I do. And generally, through all those big decisions that move your future forward, there are thoughts of failure. I faced them and step-by-step have daily fighting matches in my head, but my hard work paid off. Today I am thankful to have found the love of my life, work in my dream business, and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

PowerLife Boxing – Viktor’s way to transfer his philosophy on his clients

Viktor’s life has been focused on facing his fears and helping others face their to live their best holistic lives.

While his time in Dubai was personally sustainable, it wasn’t the peak of his dreams. True miracles started once Viktor met Maira, his soulmate and future business dream partner. They began dating and running classes together and everything clicked to create their beautiful story – founding PowerLife Boxing (PLX).

Viktor believes that approaching everything in life with love is a game-changer. “By approaching all aspects of life with love, we are able to get more out of every experience and see the good in everything, even failure.” 

By overcoming his own failure and fear, Viktor is able to help his clients do the same. By training in PLX, you will start to realize all strength comes from within you. In every decision you are about to make, in every tough life situation you might come to, connecting boxing and the skills you are able to master through the PLX philosophy will give you the true lesson: mastering your own mind and training will allow you to face your fears and reach your best life.

Using boxing as an interpretation for any skill is what makes PLX a unique training system

The PLX Holistic Boxing Training System is different from competitive boxing in that it is a very simplified curriculum of explaining boxing techniques punch by punch. it’s the perfect combination of training the mind and body through personal skill achievement and practicing active meditation.

It’s about mastering the art of boxing and practicing it as active meditation in a non-competitive environment as “the actual skill of boxing is just interpretation of any skill you are able to master and implement into your everyday life,” according to Viktor.

Many people believe that learning boxing is just for fighting, and this view is correct if the interpretation is for boxing as a sport but not as an art. When you change the approach to mastering boxing as a skill to be practiced and a benefit for your healthy body and mind, you will start to realize that all strength comes from within you.

By gaining comfort and clarity through perfecting a skill such as boxing, people can gain incredible amounts of confidence and a sense of empowerment in their everyday lives.

To be successful you need to master your mind & thoughts through training

In every decision you make, and in every tough life situation, you might come to, connecting boxing and all of the other skills you master through the PLX philosophy gives you the true reason why we teach that everyone should start by mastering his own mind and thoughts through training. This is the secret of how you will be successful and reach your best life. 

Of course, every client is trained differently, but this message is always behind every teaching in our training systems. Once clients feel their personal success and see it in the mirror by losing weight or in the gym by making visible improvements with their boxing skills, they can begin to change their perspective on achieving their other personal goals. 

Being healthy and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone through physical activity gives you a sense of satisfaction and an opportunity to grow. Boxing and general fitness programs which we incorporate in PLX gives you the best results when they are implemented in your day-to-day lives and especially when there is a big decision or tough fears that need to be faced with confidence. 

Once you learn and understand a skill, you will become empowered.

Once you learn to enjoy that skill, you are able to fall in love with and connect to that skill.

And after a certain period of practicing, you will achieve your desired outcome.

People have the right to be aware of this philosophy, and with practice can start implementing it into their daily lives. According to Viktor, training in PLX will give his clients “freedom of thought, it will give them strength over fears, ability to decide clearer, and overall it will give them a bigger will to work harder and achieve higher.”

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